Why is a chimney necessary for every kitchen ?

Since our childhood days, we have seen different chimneys in story books, cartoons, movies etc. But in real life, very few bungalows (especially snowfall regions) have the wall chimney, be it fireplace or kitchen. If we can recall, during early times, trains had fireplace chimneys in order to run in railway track. Coming to the present age, electrical chimneys better known as e-chimneys have captured the market.

A chimney in the kitchen not only saves the kitchen area from getting polluted but also acts as a presentation for your guest and relatives. In today’s world, the demand of the kitchen chimneys is much higher. It is not only about the big branded hotels and restaurants, but even many common people have understood the importance of an e-chimney in today’s world.

Smoke Free Zone

We Indians use a lot of masala and oil while cooking. This leaves a lot of strain marks on the walls of a kitchen. On top of it, the smoky air gets inside our lungs leading us to sneeze. Therefore, it is necessary to install a chimney for cooking in a smoke free zone. And it is not only about the modern world and technology. Chimneys have been in use since the ancient times. Most of the chefs consider chimney as the heart of the kitchen”.

Exhaust Fan Vs Electrical Chimney

However, many people still prefer an exhaust fan or an open window for getting rid of the masala and oil fumes. But the fact is that an exhaust fan cannot completely play the role as compared to that of a chimney. An exhaust fan cannot capture the grease smoke that flows over a frying pan. This leads to the grease strain marks left behind on all surfaces. At some point we all have to agree that an exhaust fan is more or less used for ventilation in order to escape from the polluted smoke. Exhaust fan also makes a lot of noise, painful to the ears. Don’t get it wrong here by assuming that an exhaust fan is completely useless. It is basically the budget which leads people to go for an exhaust fan. But by spending a little extra bugs from your pocket and going for an electrical chimney is a very profitable deal.

Sound Filtering Pads

One of the major thing before buying an e-chimney is that you need to compare which chimney is prior to soundless atmosphere. Else the irritating sound of the chimney will again be a burden for the user. There are a lot of chimneys present in the market but an e-chimney with sound filtering pads are the best ones to go for.

Factors before buying an Electrical chimney

There are a lot of other factors which you need to keep in mind before buying an e-chimney. First of all, you need to check the kitchen area space and get a fair idea about which size of chimney shall be suitable. One should note that the size of chimney should be slightly bigger or the same as that of the gas stove. This does not let the fumes escape into the kitchen.

A 12 feet long chimney with a suction power range between 400 to 1000 cubic meters per hour is suitable for an ideal kitchen, especially Indian style of cooking. The chimney duct is available in three different materials – stainless steel, PVC and aluminum. Basically people prefer stainless steel due to its high strength and durability.


On an end note, an electrical kitchen chimney with stainless steel material is always a good buy for your kitchen. Nowadays, there are a lot of popular brands which offer solid material chimneys i.e. hindware, whirlpool, elica etc. So which electrical chimney are you planning to go for?