Manual or Auto Clean Kitchen Chimney : Which one is Best?

A chimney plays an important role for making your kitchen strain-free, sucking up oil smokes etc. There are a lot of different chimneys available today in the market. It can be majorly classified into two broad categories – Normal Chimney and Auto Clean Chimney.

It is very common for people to understand by looking at the terms above. A normal chimney requires manual cleaning and an auto cleaning chimney cleans the chimney automatically by itself. Now the question arises as to which is the best to go for and why?

Well, the answer is both of them has it own pros and cons. We have written a complete detail about it in terms of cost, maintenance, sensors etc. To begin with, lets start with a normal chimney followed by an auto chimney.

Normal Chimney

Normal chimneys need to be cleaned manually depending upon the filter quality. It can be done with the help of dishwashing liquid, baking soda, vinegar etc. Manual cleaning of anything does suck your effort juice. But however, the thumbs up point over here is that you don’t need to call up the service people every now and then. And if you are amongst the techy ones, then you can also solve issues related to chimney. This thereby saves the money from your pocket. Frankly speaking, the service charges are much higher in today’s generation. Lets say for example, there are many people who either feel lazy or are scared to clean the filters or don’t get time to clean it. They do land up calling the service people. This indeed is an expensive deal for them.

Auto Cleaning Chimney

Auto cleaning chimney does not require manual cleaning as it can automatically clean the chimney. Thus, auto cleaning chimneys do save your time and money. But does it really save your money? Well, at some point we can say that auto cleaning chimney does increase the longevity and lifespan of chimney. But when it comes to expenses, auto vs manual wont much of a difference. And there are a lot of reasons for it.

Auto clean vs manual Kitchen Chimney

Firstly, an auto cleaning chimney is much costly than a normal chimney. One can say that it is just a one time investment. But here is the catch. In an auto chimney, the clean sensor needs to be changed every year (as per the technician). So, here is another add on to your expenses.

Some users might compare this statement by saying that even a normal chimney requires a yearly maintenance. But here is the catch again. Adding the top is current expenses used by high precise sensors. Besides being said all that, just imagine an auto clean sensor not been seen from inside for a complete year. The user would never know whether any insect or animal might have died inside it. Thereby, a quarterly check up manually becomes a winner here.

Don’t get it wrong here by thinking that both are completely disadvantageous. It is just that both are opposite sites of the coin and advantageous.


Comparing them, both are good in their own ways. It is just that you need to keep your mindset before buying any of the two. You got to think whether you will be so busy throughout the year that you need an auto cleaning chimney, be it any cost. On the other hand, many people who love simplicity with reasonable rates and want to do things manually, they can go for a normal chimney.