Kitchen Chimney – Advantages and Disadvantages

Everything has its own pros and cons. In the same way, a kitchen chimney also has advantages as well as disadvantages. First let us have a look at the Kitchen Chimney  advantages below.

Kitchen Chimney Advantages

Smoke Free

The smoke emitted while cooking lead us to breathe in, causing a sneeze. We all know that a chimney plays a very important role for making your kitchen smoke free. A chimney is therefore a good helper for your lungs, health etc.

Kitchen Area Clean

Tiles and granites look beautiful but they are hard to maintain when there is no exhaustion of smoke. A chimney also keeps your kitchen area clean. Nobody wants to see tarnish greasy oil stains in the tiles or walls.

Good Looks

A stainless steel chimney looks ravishing in the kitchen. It looks good especially when guest come in your house. This adds on an extra showpeice to your kitchen. Say for example, how good it feels when relatives and guests compliment about your kitchen chimney.


As we all know that chimney sucks up the odour released while cooking. Making non-veg dishes release little unpleasant smell. But with a kitchen chimney, you need not to worry about the bad odour spread out. In this way, you can get fresh odour smell in the kitchen area.

Now let us look at the disadvantages below:-

Kitchen Chimney Disadvantages

Cleaning the Chimney

Cleaning the kitchen chimneys is little difficult and time consuming. You have to select the best filter according to your convenience and budget before installing the chimney. There are three types of filters available – Cassette/Mesh Filter, Baffle Filter and Carbon Filter. All the different filters require cleaning from time to time. A Cassette/Mesh Filter requires cleaning once a week. A Baffle Filter requires cleaning once a month. A Carbon Filter is not washable. It needs to be replaced every 3-4 months.

Maintenance and Repairs

Another disadvantage of the kitchen chimney is that it requires maintenance and repairs. A yearly maintenance is preferable, which means expenses from your pocket.

Chances of Uncertain Incident

Well, there is always a risk in every appliance especially fire and water appliances. However, if the user does not clean the chimney, as per the routine, then there are chances of risk. It might be possible that the grease strain marks present in the chimney for a long run shall turn into droplets. These droplets can cause fire if it falls into a running stove. Secondly, a lose screw, parts etc might also lead to a high risk of fire accident.

Space Required

One cannot simply install a kitchen chimney without a plan. You need to check whether your kitchen has the space or not, for installing the kitchen chimney. And it is not only about the dimensions of your gas stove. You need to check the entire area of the kitchen, the wall length, the output of smoke emitted etc. Say for example, if your chimney output is facing the neighbour building, then the neighbours might have an objection. In short, you need a proper planning and enough space for the input and output of kitchen chimney.


So, these were a few points shown featuring the advantages and disadvantages of kitchen chimney. You need to figure out all the points before judging to buy a kitchen chimney. Don’t get it wrong here assuming that it is very risky to go for a kitchen chimney. Risk is everywhere and uncertain. Kitchen chimneys are advantageous and the demand of it is increasing day by day.

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