How Much Electricity a Kitchen Chimney Uses?

Many people are concerned that a giant kitchen chimney would consume a large amount of watts, leading to a hefty electricity bill. You need to pause here and think about the different electronic appliances present in your house. Let’s say for example, a refrigerator is always turned on and no one cares about the electric bill as because it is one of the compulsory machines which every household needs. Thereby, every electronic appliance does consume a good amount of energy. But this in no way means that a bulky size appliance will consume much watts.

Average watts

To make things clear, most of the chimneys consume 250 watts of power on an average. This is what the electric survey says considering different factors. However, don’t take it wrong here by assuming that 250 watts power suction can go up to 500 watts power suction if used very often. Well, this might be shocking for you, that some of the chimneys might also consume around 4500 watts of power. This much electric reading is only for the ones who have a luxurious palace type kitchen where non-veg food is made on regular basis.

Infrastructure and size

Consumption of watts also depends upon how much dimensions your kitchen area and chimney follow. A long size chimney shall require more suction power to suck out smoke. A chimney small size diameter also requires a lot of effort to throw out smoke. Thereby, a small sized chimney with a large size diameter is always the best option to go for.

Talking about the kitchen space, as stated earlier, a bigger kitchen shall require more suction power. It is quite obvious as because the smoke shall spread at a soon rate in the luxurious space. Therefore, it will be difficult for the chimney to collect the gas which has already spread.

Veg Vs Non-Veg

It is very obvious that the consumption power of a chimney is more in terms of non-veg. The reason is very simple – non-veg food cooking emits more smoke, odor etc. in comparison to veg-food. However, you need not to worry if you are amongst the ones who follow non-veg cooking once or twice a week. It won’t much of a difference then. But if you are a regular meat eater, then the chances of double the score of suction power shall turn up.

How Much Electricity a Kitchen Chimney Uses?


On an average, chimney motors consumes around 200 to 300 watts of power supply. A chimney with single light shall consume around 25 watts. But, nowadays, most of the chimneys come with two lights. Therefore, it is now 50 watts. An auto-clean featured chimney would consume another 100 watts (approx). So adding up altogether, a normal chimney would consume around 250 watts to 350 watts. On the other hand, an auto-clean featured chimney would run on 400 watts to 350 watts to 450 watts.

Saying all that, you can calculate the amount of power supply required by the chimney by yourself.

You have known the kitchen volume by simply multiplying the length, breath and height. Whatever the result is, you need to multiply it with ten.

Let’s say for example that the size of your kitchen is 5m x 5m x 3m = 75m3. Now multiplying it with 10 = 750m3 per hour i.e. 750m3/hr.

Now let’s say that your 200W chimneys run 4 hours a day, then how much electricity does it consume per month?


200 x 4 x 30 = 24000 Watts = 24 Kilowatt

Assuming a unit electricity cost Rs. 4

24 x 4 = Rs 96

A monthly electric bill of chimney would be around Rs.100


To be very frank, a kitchen chimney would not make much of a difference to your electrical bill consumption. The best to compare it would be a refrigerator. Normally a refrigerator also amounts to Rs.100, although it is always on (24/7). Now that one can compare and say that a kitchen chimney would be loss. Well then the statement is totally incorrect. It is so because you also need to see the huge size of a chimney and that too the high power suctions. Summing it up, a kitchen chimney is worth buying and it is always a profitable deal.