Glass Top Gas Stove Vs Stainless Steel : Which Is Better?

It has been only a few years that glass top gas stove have replaced around 90 percent of the stainless-steel gas stoves, all because of its sleek and adorable look. But don’t you think judging things only on how it looks like is right? No! Have a look on what people say:

  • “Glass top gas stove have changed the whole look of the kitchen.”
  • “Glass top gas stoves are so beautiful you just cannot think twice.”
  • “Glass top gas stoves are a bit challenging to maintain, but the look it has covers all the cons”

Well these reviews totally convey that how people are going crazy for the glass top gas stoves. But what about the stainless-steel gas stoves, why they are still in the market and always the backup for every kitchen. Here are some of the comparison we have concluded after interacting with a few people which will help you answer the question better, which is better?

Basically, we will be comparing on 4 major aspects

  1. Cleaning

While cleaning the glass top gas stove you need to keep a few points in your mind, such as: You cannot use a scrubber to clean the glass top, it may cause scratches. You cannot wipe or clean when the stove is warm, this may crack the glass on the top due to sudden change in temperature. Spraying some white vinegar over the glass top stove can help you clean it well, where as you can clean the stainless steel with just water and a cloth wipe. You have to be very much attentive while cooking on the glass gas stoves as hot food may spilt and damage your gas stove.

On cleaning aspect stainless steel gas stoves are preferred.

  1. Appeal

When talked about looks glass gas stoves are the first choice of every house these days. Glass gas stoves are quite sleek and aesthetic appeal with the modern look. Whereas stainless steel gas stoves are not so good looking however, are best for heavy utensils. Glass gas stove give a modular look adding an appealing look to your kitchen and the house as well.

In this case glass gas stove are most preferred.

  1. Ignition

We have an old practice of manual ignition which is quite safe and comfortable. You can use manual ignition with both the gas stoves. Nowadays, glass gas stoves come with the inbuilt ignition which may be a bit risky sometimes, if it does not work well it may cause gas leakage. Moreover, you can not repair it easily, so people preferred manual ignition.

From ignition point of view stainless steel gas stove are much safe and convenient.

  1. Heat Distribution

Heat distribution in glass top gas stoves are much better and defined when compared to the stainless-steel gas stoves. Glass gas stoves have a sealed compartment which is good at both heath and cooling speed. Also, we have a glass layer, which adds a good safety element. There are family with children who are always around, glass gas stoves are also safe for them. In stainless steel gas stoves, the burner is not so boastfully packed and so there are chance for uneven distribution of flame.

Heat distribution certifies glass top gas stoves more reliable.

Hopefully you can now decide which gas stoves is better.  Well apart from this fact we need to also clear a confusion we come across, why should we choose gas stoves and not other electric cooktops and vice versa. Here is the answer:

Apart from the above war between the glass gas top gas stove and stainless-steel gas stoves, there are people also arguing for gas stoves and electric cook tops. However, both the cook tops are great at their spaces. Gas stoves are quite helpful for people who love cooking as switching between the heat and flame density is much easier and quicker, which a electric cook top may take a lot of time. People prefer electric cook tops for their portability. Gas cylinders are always a challenging job to be replaces, so the induction or electric cooker wins the heart here. Although the gas charges may be affordable than the high electric bills electric cook tops are yet the winners. Well, we just can not conclude on the basics only, you surely need to know more while choosing a gas stove or electric cooktop

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