7 Best Sunflame Gas Stoves in India 2020 | 2, 3, 4 Burner

Best Sunflame Gas Stoves in India 2020 : Sunflame has always been the leading company when it comes to gas stoves. Sunflame, without even a single doubt, stands atop in the manufacturing of gas stoves. It has been about three decades now and the reputation and the position that Sunflame has achieved is truly significant. There are many other companies in the industry and they too rule the market but they stand nowhere when they have to compete with Sunflame. By now, Sunflame is not only a brand, rather it is now a substitute for the term “gas stove”.

This brand image, this goodwill is not an overnight success for Sunflame. Sunflame has built this niche with its top notch quality, aftersale service, high durability, etc. it always finds one or the other way to attract customers. It has been so long in this segment that it deeply understands the mind and needs of the customers. Therefore, it comes with the latest technologies at the correct time. Since, most of the time, Sunflame remains the first manufacturer to provide customers with latest technologies, it also sweeps a large market share.

There is no doubt to the fact that Sunflame offers a very wide variety of choices which are open to the customers. It has a wide range of gas stoves whether they be the two burner gas stoves, or the three burner ones, or even the four burners for that matter. Their gas stoves come in stainless steel base as well as toughened glass top. This clearly means that Sunflame never keeps itself behind. It always finds a way to keep itself intact in the market and rule hearts of a major group.

And now, Sunflame is also providing options in the mode of ignition, that means, you may choose manual ignition mode where you have to light the stove with the help of a lighter or a matchstick, or the automatic ignition mode where you just have to press a button and the stove will catch fire. On top of that, now they are also giving brass burners and brass burners are known for their thermal shock resistance. This is yet another safety feature provided by the company.

Best Sunflame Gas Stoves in India 2020

Overall, there is no doubt to the fact that Sunflame has always been the first choice for a majority of households. With this said, let us now move ahead and know, in detail, about the 7 best Sunflame gas stoves which you can purchase right away.

#1. Sunflame GT Pride

The Sunflame GT Pride is a two burner gas stove. Being compact in size, this gas stove is perfect for houses with small kitchens. It has a very simple design and looks very sober yet it is considered to be one of the toughest gas stoves in terms of build quality. Being tough in build quality, it is highly efficient  in terms of gas consumption. These things make this gas stove stand at a peak where two burner gas stoves of other companies find difficult to reach. The 2 extra efficient brass burners are superb to cook food items quickly. They have a dimension of 85 mm x 85 mm. this gas stove proves to be the best choice for small families and even for bachelors and families who rent a room and live and do not have kitchen space for themselves. The burners, due to brass build, do not consume much gas and hence they easily defeat other gas stoves in this segment. Also, these brass burners are very durable and can be put to heavy usage without much worry. You can cook almost anything with this gas stove such as complex recipes, chapattis, vegetables, and a lot more dishes. The key features of this gas stove are the toughened glass cooktops, two brass burners, pan supports that are euro coated, stainless steel bases which are brushed with matte finishing.

#2. Sunflame Shakti 2 Burner Gas Stove

This is yet another amazing piece from the makers of Sunflame. These are basically two burner gas stoves which come in stainless steel make. It is again another gas stove which is compact in size and is easy to accommodate in a small kitchen. It has an appealing steel design which looks good and garner attention of the user. In addition to this, the steel make facilitates an easy cleaning of the gas stove in case any liquid or curry falls on it accidentally. This gas stove has got an isi certification and it is a great thing that adds to the guarantee of safety of this machine. The stainless steel finish gives a mirror feel and hence looks spacious even in a small space. The brass burners facilitate easy heat distribution and hence the food item can be cooked very easily.  Another key feature of this machine is that it has a powder coated sheet material base.

#3. Sunflame GT Pride 3 Burner Gas Stove

Earlier we talked about the SUNFLAME GT PRIDE 2 BURNER GAS STOVE and now we will be mentioning about the same model but this time, with three burners. Unlike the previous two burner gas stove, this one has a glass top and this glass top is a toughened one which ensures break and heat resistance.

As we all are aware that Sunflame is listed among the top brands in the industry and thus the durability and reliability of this three burner gas stove should not be a question at all. This three burner gas stove with glass cooktop looks very elegant and classy. With glass cooktop in sight, it becomes fun to cook food. With three burners working at a time, it becomes very easy to cook food for multiple members very quickly. The design of the knobs is ergonomic making it comfortable for the user to hold and rotate.  If we talk about all its key features in a summary, then it comes with three very efficient brass burners, a toughened glass top, matte finish, and also powder coated pan supports.

#4. Sunflame GT Pride 4 Burner Gas Stove

After successful launch and sale of the GT PRIDE 2 BURNER AND GT PRIDE 3 BURNER GAS STOVES, Sunflame came up with the newest model, the GT PRIDE 4 BURNER GAS STOVE. With this stove, Sunflame has made its place among the companies selling 4 burner gas stoves. Now, if you have been using the Sunflame’s two or three burner gas stoves, you will be very much aware of its top quality services. The stoves from Sunflame are a must to purchase one and are extremely reliable. Since it is one of the oldest companies in this segment, it truly understands as to what the customers want time to time. The R&D undertaken by Sunflame is something everyone praises because they come up with such good models and products that one can not resist from buying it.

Coming to this 4 burner gas stove, this gas stove comes with glass cooktop and hence gives a very marvelous design and feel. The toughened glass provides resistance to high temperatures and breakage. Its knobs are also designed in such a way that the user feels extreme comfort in holding and rotating them. The four brass burners enhance cooking speed by providing four burners that can be used at the same time. If you have a joint family and the kitchen is also big in size, then you must purchase the Sunflame GT PRIDE 4 BURNER GAS STOVE. It is value for money. Not only it enhances faster cooking, but also saves the gas thus providing high efficiency. Also, the drip trays are made of stainless steel and thus it is protected from rusting.

#5. Sunflame Pearl 3 Burner Gas Stove

The Pearl 3 burner gas stove is yet another model from the makers of Sunflame which has three burners and a glass cook top. We all want to quick our foods as fast as we can. There are a lot other chores which we have to perform other than cooking. SUNFLAME probably understands this fact and thus it brought to the consumers this 3 burner gas stove. It ensures faster cooking while using minimum gas possible thus maintaining the efficiency of the stove at the same time.

The three brass burners ensure that the heat is distributed evenly at the bottom of the vessel so that the vessel gets heated quickly and the food is cooked quickly and properly. All the three burners are placed at sufficient space to ensure free movement. The ample distance between them ensure that even three large sized utensils can be placed altogether. The knobs are also beautifully designed for better in hand feel. They also get three level of flames so you can adjust which level of flame you need for cooking food. It has a spill proof design so there is no need to worry if any liquid accidentally spills on the gas stove. The base is made with metal sheet and is powder coated for enhanced feel and performance.

#6. Sunflame Pearl 4 Burner Gas Stove

The Sunflame Pearl 4 BURNER gas stove is another Pearl variant from Sunflame. It offers 4 burners at a same time by which you can cook foods very quickly. If you have a very big family or you had unexpected guests at your house, this 4 burner gas stove will prove to be a boon for you. Also, they are so well spaced that four large sized vessels can be easily put to use at the same time.

Getting an opportunity to use all the four burners at the same time means you can serve enough number of guests within no time. Also, the stove comes with glass top, so if by mistake any liquid spills on it, it can be cleaned immediately by wiping it with a cloth. The ergonomically designed knobs also give a great feel and feedback. Also, the toughened glass cooktop ensures that the stove is saved from high temperatures and it does not break also.

#7. Sunflame Classic 3 Burner Gas Stove

It is the last gas stove in our list. This classic model is not only classic by name, it has a classy look and a classic performance. It is made from stainless steel which gives a mirror reflection. It is suitable for a medium sized kitchen as it comes with three burners. The burners are made up of brass and help to distribute heat evenly to the vessels. This, in turn, helps the food to cook properly and in less time. This also helps in saving gas because if the heat will be properly distributed, then the vessel will absorb heat quickly and the cooking process will be done in less time, thus gas will be saved. It has a simple yet a classy look. Due to the stainless steel built, it is highly durable and reliable as well. The tag of Sunflame is more than enough for the reliability. It has toughened glass top too, and it is heat as well as break resistant. Therefore, overall this gas stove is a safe bet for all medium sized kitchens.


So here were our few picks of best gas stoves from the king of gas stoves- Sunflame. The manufacturer has a very good reputation in the industry as well as it holds a major share in the market. Since, this company is dealing in gas stoves from a couple of decades, we can easily rely on its built quality. There is no compromise done by the company on after sale service either. The company has given due importance to this department also. Therefore, in an unlikely event of a gas stove getting damaged, the company provides best assistance.

All the best Sunflame gas stove seven models discusses above are a good bet and with the tag of Sunflame, any of the above models can be purchased. If you need a two burner gas stove, you may go for that or you may choose the other two categories based on you liking.

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