Best 4 Burner Gas Stoves in India 2021 : Reviews and Buying Guide

Best 4 Burner Gas Stove in India 2021 : Gas stoves, one of the best inventions till date. Today’s generation can not imagine life without a gas stove. Earlier, we had to cook food with the help of firewoods. Later we used the kerosene stoves to cook our food items. But as the human mind evolved, we came up with gas stoves.

Now with the invention of gas stove, cooking had been made easier. But the thing does not end here, these gas stoves, since the time they were first sold, underwent various researches and innovations and now three burner and four burner gas stoves are also available. Isn’t it amazing that earlier, we had to cook food with firewoods and now we can cook four items at a time.

In this article, we will be talking everything about best four burner gas stoves in india. It is a very useful appliance for a big family or a large kitchen. We get the facility of cooking four items at the same time with required flame levels for each of the burners separately. In case of a two burner gas stove, we had to wait for cooking third dish till the first two dishes have been cooked. This problem has been solved perfectly with the help of four burner gas stoves.

Best 4 Burner Gas Stoves in India Review

Now that we have mentioned all the important factors regarding the purchase of a good and durable gas stoves, let us move to our list of 8 best 4 burner gas stoves in india:

#1. Lifelong four burner gas stove

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This top quality  4 burner gas stove in India of Lifelong can  be a perfect cooking mate for your kitchen. It has a toughened glass top which is both heat and break resistant. The build quality is very superior and it has brass burners too  thus making heat distribution even across the base of the vessel. All the four burners are fixed at sufficient distance so that large sized vessels can be easily placed on them.

Talking about the looks, the glass look gives a premium feel and adds beauty to the kitchen. You will never be bored using this glass cooktop gas stove. The knobs, too, are very comfortable and give a good feel and feedback. The brass burners, besides evenly distributing the heat, also save gas. Thus this best 4 burner gas stove is gas efficient as well. Also, the pan supports are thick enough plus it has anti skid base that prevents it from slipping. One major feature of this gas stove is that the manufacturer claims a complete one year warranty on the product.

#2. Elica Vetro four burner gas stove

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This best 4 burner gas stove is yet another beautiful one in our bucket list. Starting from the looks, this gas stove comes with glass cooktop which is shatter proof. Also, this toughened glass top is heat resistant so it will not break even when exposed to high temperatures. It is gas efficient and is designed in such a way that cleaning the stove becomes a very easy task for even the children. The glass top is not simple in design. It has a premium design that gives a premium feel every time you use the stove. It gives a feel that the stove’s surface has still some space left even after engaging all the four burners. That means, it surely do give a spacious feel. If we talk about the mode if ignition, we get a manual ignition mode wherein we have to use a lighter. The knobs are of superior quality and give an amazing feel while being rotated. The stainless steel plate also ensures that the stove does not get rusted.

#3. Eveready TGC4B4 gas stove

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This is a product from the makers of Eveready. It features four brass burners which are very efficient and distribution of heat takes place perfectly. Their pores are perfectly sized and do not let excess gas pass through them. Again, this stove, too, comes with a glass cooktop. It has a blackish finish. Being sober and shiny, it also looks equally marvellous. The shine of the glass top is something you would like to see every time you come to cook. It adds a sense of attractiveness in the kitchen. It feels like something magnificent is kept in the kitchen. The stove really has a stunning look and feel and feedback, all at the same time. Its burners are also made of very good quality brass. Overall, this gas stove looks extremely premium when kept on the kitchen counter. The knobs are also great and move with ease. It comes with 360 degree swivel gas inlet.

#4. Sunflame Pearl 4 Burner Gas Stove

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If we are mentioning top quality gas stoves, then how can we rule out the 4 burner gas stove from Sunflame. This company is considered to be a king in the gas stove industry. Obviously, since it is a much older company in the market, it understands the mood and preference of the customers and thus its products are known to be very customer centric. Its products are sure to lure the customers. We can not question anything about the build quality of gas stoves that we get from Sunflame. It will be a sin. This gas stove from Sunflame is yet another marvellous creation from them. The Pearl model comes in three variants- two burners, three burners and four burners. So this one is the four burner gas stove that the company sells under the model name PEARL. This glass cooktop gas stove is something that adds elegant touch to your kitchen. It feels premium, looks dashing and its working is amazing. The burners used here in are made of brass and they are fixed at ample distances from each other so that four large sized vessels can be kept very conveniently. This four burner has stove will surely save your time and gas. It is very much efficient and it is mechanized in such a way that it consumes less gas. Also, the glass cooktop is heat as well as break resistant.

#5. Prestige Royale Plus Schotte Gas Stove

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Yet another dominating company in our list. There is apparently not a single person who has never heard about prestige. Prestige has its own prestige in the gas stove industry. This best 4 burner gas stove from Prestige directly compete with the gas stoves from Sunflame. There is a reason to it. The quality that Prestige gives in its gas stoves is no less than the quality claimed by Sunflame. Prestige, sometimes, give additional features in the gas stove too such as designed glass top instead of plain glass top, automatic ignition mode, etc. This gas stove too is designed perfectly to match the expectations of the customers. It has an elegant design and a marvellous feel and feedback. The knobs are also designed well and give a good hold. The burners, too, are made of high quality brass which again enhance even distribution of heat.

#6. Gesto 4 burner Vista gas stove

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This is the sixth number of gas stove in our list. This best gas stove, too, has toughened glass top and the company claims that it is break as well as heat resistant. Gesto is also a popular brand and has a good image in the market. It is known that Gesto always comes up with gas stoves which are of updated technology and mechanism. In addition to this, the gas stoves from Gesto are well designed. This four burner gas stove is another addition to the set of gas stoves manufactured by Gesto. The quality of the burners is considerably good and the heat distribution and gas intake works perfectly well. The burners are spaced well to ensure that large utensils can easily be accommodated. The pan supports are also of good quality plus the drip trays too, are very good. This gas stove can be a great choice for your kitchen as it will add to the looks of the kitchen.

#7. Eveready TGC4B MR4 gas stove

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This is another model from Eveready. It too has glass cooktop and efficient brass burners.  This has lot more features than other gas stoves. The glass cooktop is 20 mm thick and is highly heat and break resistant. It offers euro coated pan supports. Also, the swivel inlet is a 360 degree one. This makes it easy for the stove to be placed on the counter in any direction. The drip tray is made of stainless steel so it will not get rusted even if liquids spill on it everyday.

#8. Glen 4 burner gas stove

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Glen is another popular brand which sells gas stoves. This gas stove from Glen comes with glass cook top and the drip trays are made of stainless steel. Thus, it gives a very premium and sturdy feel. Major attractions of this gas stove are the auto ignition mode, the premium glass built, and a one year warranty from the side of manufacturer. Though the burners are made of an aluminium alloy, they are of very good quality. This gas stove can be your choice if you are looking for one with auto ignition, glass top and a warranty.

Best 4 Burner Gas Stove in India 2021: Buying Guide

We will be listing here top 8 best 4 burner gas stoves for the kitchen in india. But before we proceed, there are certain factors which you should keep in mind while purchasing a four burner gas stove of your choice. Let us have a look on the factors first:

  • Mode of ignition

Now a days, we get two mode of ignitions in the gas stoves. The first mode is the oldest one in which you have to use a lighter or a matchstick to light the burner. The second mode is the automatic ignition. In an automated ignition mode, there is a button on the gas stove which you have to press for a fraction of second and the burners will catch fire. So, if you want to have an automated ignition mode, you can choose the gas stove which has this feature or else you may go for the manual one.

  • Drip trays

Drip trays are a very useful object that these gas stoves have. Drip trays help you to put the utensil at a height from the burner so that the fire is evenly distributed under the vessel. This eases the cooking process and also, it helps in maintaining the hygiene on the stove. Drip trays can be easily removed, washed and can be put back again. Before purchasing a gas stove, properly examine the dip trays whether they are of good build quality or not.

  • Space

Gas stoves come in various shapes and designs. The popular designs are square, rectangular and oval shaped. So, before purchasing a four burner gas stove, measure the space on your counter where you have to keep the stove, then choose the design and shape of the stove accordingly.

  • Material of the stove

By this we are referring to the build quality and the material used in manufacturing the particular stove. Go for a stove which comes with stainless steel as it has the highest durability and it does not get rusted, when exposed to water and heat. In fact, stoves with stainless steel make are very much in demand as they provide higher satisfaction in terms of durability.

  • Material of the burner

The material of the burner also has a great effect on the working of the stove. Brass burners are very much preferred as they provide anti-thermal shock facility. Not only this, they also help to spread the heat evenly and its pores are also sized adequate. Burners are the main component in a gas stove. A gas stove is a useless steel frame if burners are not present. Therefore, choose a stove with good quality burners.

Gas stoves have plenty of advantages. They save our kitchen time, help us in cooking various recipes, etc. Even the reality shows today which feature best cooks are dependent on the use of gas stoves. No one cam imagine a cooking reality show without the help of gas stoves.

We can have all the items in the kitchen that we require, but when it comes to cooking food, only gas stoves can help us. If we have guests at unexpected times and we have to cook them some delicious food, then these gas stoves will only be our first choice.

So this was our list of the best 4 burner gas stoves. We hope you like our preferences. Thank you for reading!!