The Advantages & Disadvantages of a Gas Stove

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Either you forgot to put off the gas knob or your stove is not functioning well, either of the cases may lead to misfortune. It is the thing you often hear from your friends and neighbours, surely yes, many people find the new induction cooktops much better than the gas stoves. But what do you think?

Well, coming to a conclusion unless you yourself do not verify the fact can make your decision more complicated and you may end you choosing something useless over something worth your need. However, a study at the gas stove’s advantages and disadvantages will surely help you clear all the mis-concepts. Here they are:

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Advantages of a Gas stove

  • Does not require electricity

Well, this is something great for people who have electricity problems in their area. One can easily cook food even if the power goes off, as it has nothing to do with the electricity. Secondly, you are free from the headache of electricity bills, which may comparatively be higher enough to that of the cost of gas cylinders. Yet gas stove has higher ranks over any other electricity cooktop. Gas stoves are one of the most wanted kitchen appliances of every house as it is both reliable and dependable until you have the gas cylinder filled with the fuel.

  • Manual control over the flame

Another biggest advantage of the gas stove cooktop is, you are able to control the flam level with the help of a knob. Which is quite great at the user’s end, you can easily set the heat as per the food’s requirement. Switching to different flames levels or we can also say is heat level in an induction cooktop may take some seconds or even cannot be quite relevant which is not at all in the case of a gas stove. You can easily switch from sim to high and vice versa with the flame and set the perfect heat according to your food’s requirement.

  • Speed

People may say induction cooktops are very fast to heat up any food or vessel which consistently is not the true fact. A gas stove is much faster than any other cooktops as the vessel are directly set on fire i.e. the flame which surely takes no time to heat up anything. You can start cooking as soon as you put on the flam as it provides a uniform heat supply to the vessel, you need not worry about the time to get the vessel heated. So, it’s clear, a gas stove is much faster.

  • Heat efficient

Gas stoves are heat efficient! Yes, they are, as they have a heat controllable knob you can easily use the only required heat instead of just wasting the energy. Also, the burner attached in the gas stove makes sure the heat is supplied to the vessel efficiently and the flame does not just move in an undetermined direction, which in turn prevents the accidents which may take place by mistake. Unlike any cooktop gas stoves does not heat the surrounding which sometimes can make you feel uncomfortable.

  • Durable

Gas stoves do not have sophisticated buttons or delicate base like other cooktops. It is either made up of hard metal or the marble and the ceramic stone may be placed on the top to give it a sleek look. Gas stoves are waterproof, scratch proof and shock registrant, they do not require soft hands and care while using. Beings rough and tough gas stoves are considered long lasting and highly durable when compared to other cooktops.

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Disadvantages of a Gas stove

  • Costly

As said above the gas stove does not require any electricity bill, but it does require fuel. People may find the induction cooktops much affordable than the gas stoves, this need not be true every time. But comparatively, you may find gas stoves costly for the extra charges of fuel you need to pay which totally depends on how much you use it.

  • Unsafe

You may have heard in the news or from a friend hot dangerous a small mistake can lead to when not taken care of the gas stoves. We all know a gas cylinder is attached to the gas stove which has a knob and a pipe connecting them which allows the gas to pass through when turned on. And burner further makes sure the flam has a uniform direction. But remember anything wrong in the connection may cost even lives. As LPG is a highly explosive and toxic gas it easily spreads if the gas is leaking, in the environment creating a room for the accident. Moreover, kids should always be kept away when in use and even when not in use.

  • Untidy

The design and frame of the gas stove may look good as they have nowadays upgraded with the marbles and other stones to create a sleek look, but the cylinder yet remains the same messy. If you do not have a modular kitchen this may look a bit untidy. Often, we mess up things while cooking, which leads to the permanent stain on the gas stove which is also counted as a sad point when compared to other cooktops.

  • Installation

As we all know how heavy a gas cylinder weighs, around 15.3 kgs when empty and 29.5 kgs when filled with the LPG gas, which makes it quite hard to replace the cylinders when one is exhausted. Secondly, the proper fixing of pipe and the knob is must, as this may lead to gas leakage that may make things go out of control. Therefore, it is very true that the gas stove installations are not the job for kids and so is a big disadvantage nowadays.

Well, it seems we have talked a lot about the best gas stoves, and hope you have a clear concept about the gas stove now. Apart from the fact that we have a good range of cooktops, to be honest, gas stoves are quite better than any of them, when taken care of the disadvantages. Do share your views about the gas stoves and also how much this study was helpful in making your mind go with the gas stoves, so that your friend may also know whether they have a right concept about the gas stove or not.

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Note* Never try to fix or replace the gas stoves, cylinder, and other attachments when you are not sure about it. Always contact a professional or a person who is well skilled in it.